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Why Resumes Are Still Important For Job Seekers

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There is a lot of hype about how resumes are going to die out with the advent of social networking sites. I have actually plead guilty to have written several articles about the “death of resumes” in the past. The reality, especially with larger companies, is that a resume is still extremely important. Companies have HR databases that store resumes that they select from. If your resume isn’t in their system, then you have almost no chance of getting a job with that company unless you are the son or daughter of the CEO. A lot of resumes are written on the same templates that colleges have given out for decades. By using the same templates, you can’t stand out in the recruiting process.

A resume should clearly position you as someone who is best fit for the job you are applying for. It should be custom for each job and company that you apply to. A resume is a story about yourself and by customizing your resume, you can tell the best story possible to connect with the right job. I recommend that you list your accomplishments first on your resume, then your most recent experience and then safe your education and extra curricular activities to the end. Your job with your resume is to eliminate the perceived risk of hiring you from the employers standpoint. This means you have to front load all the best projects you’ve done. For 279 professional resume templates go here.