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Make Sure You Understand the Company’s Personal Brand

Research Company photo from ShutterstockLast week I wrote about the questions you will likely get asked in an interview. This week I’m suggesting the questions that you could and should be asking in the interview:

• What kind of person do you want for this position?
• What’s important about the person you hire?
• How many people have held this position in the last two years?
• Would you describe a typical workday and the things I’d be doing?
• How does this job contribute to the company?
• Is this department a profit center for the company?
• Are sales up or down over the last year?
• Where can someone in this job be promoted to?
• How will success be measured in this position?
• How long do you think it will take until you make a decision?

While the interviewer is trying to find that out about you, you are trying to find out:

• Is the company worth joining?
• Do they have good products or services?
• Do they have workable plans for the future?
• Will I have a qualified, competent boss?
• Will they support my growth and development?
• Will they reward my efforts?
• Will I be proud to work for them?
• Will I make the money I want?

Make sure people answer your questions, just like you answer theirs. If they give you a vague, general response, ask, “Can you give me an example?” Concentrate more on listening and grasping what they’re saying than on thinking ahead to what you are going to say next.

When you get home after the interview, debrief yourself on what you learned and what you still need to find out.